How much do you charge?

My pricing varies for each job, however I have set pricing packages for the following:

Corporate/Staff Headshots
Model Portfolios
Branding Portraits
Dog Portraits

Why do I need to pay a deposit?

When I book your session I won't schedule any other client at the specified date and time. I also allocate time the following week for editing. If you reschedule or cancel without much notice it really affects my calendar, my workflow, and my cashflow, which is why the deposit is non-refundable. 

Can I have all the unedited images? Or edit them myself?

No, sorry (exceptions for publications/retouchers/agencies).

Handing over unedited images is basically handing over unfinished work. There are also a lot of boring image corrections that are essential when working with raw files, an Insta filter just won't cut it! You can request a particular look or style for your final edits, I am happy to match it. And besides, no one really needs 187 headshots at the end of the day, that's what selfies are for!

Where is your studio?

My studio is located at 309 Victoria Street, Brunswick.

Is the studio wheelchair accessible?

The studio is on the ground floor and has one step. There is no disabled toilet available. 

Is there a toilet available?

Yes! There is a toilet out the back with a small sink and mirror.

Are there changing facilities?

Yes! There is change room and full length mirror in the studio.

Can bring my hair and makeup artist to the studio?

You certainly can! If you are going to have makeup done at the studio before your session I do charge a studio hire rate of $50 per hour to use the space. This is because the process can take 1-2 hours, which is time I would usually use for another booking. 

Is there somewhere to park?

There is 2hr parking out the front and down Boase street. There is also a carpark at the rear of the building (access via Boase St). Once you have booked I will send out a helpful parking map!

I sent you an email and tried to call, but I haven't heard back yet?

As a photographer, I don't have set hours, sometimes I may be on a 9 hour shoot, or sometimes I might be up at 5am for an early start. If I am shooting, I am unavailable, and will not be on my phone or accessing emails. I generally check my emails every day, please be patient because I will always get back to you. Also, don't forget to check your junk mail for my reply!

Why is photography so expensive?

Just like any other specialised profession, it's expensive on both ends of the scale. Many hidden costs go unseen. Costs like equipment, website/hosting, internet connection, studio mortgage, insurance, editing software, countless hard drives, not to mention tax, a lot of tax!

A typical shoot may seem like two hours of work, in reality, it's close to six. Before the shoot, time is consumed by admin and emails, setting up the studio (or driving to the location). Then there is the actual shoot itself. After the shoot, there are several other processes, including transferring images, culling, setting up a proofing page, editing and delivering. 

How long have you been a photographer?

Professionally, about 7 years. I have been taking photos since I was 11 years old, by the time I was 13, I knew I wanted to be a photographer. Turning it into a full time job was a much longer process.

I studied after high school; however, it's not often that you are guaranteed a job as soon as you graduate. I spent years working day jobs while developing my portfolio on the side. I definitely learned more in the real world than I did during my studies. I went from charging nothing, to charging peanuts, to charging a standard rate. This process took over 4 years. I gradually started working fewer hours at my day job until I finally quit and became a full-time freelancer.

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